A story of Injustice, Corruption and Faith


Damon Blalack (IMDB) is the director and producer of Billy Yeager v. NPR.

Damon Blalack


Damon Blalack




Damon is a Filmmaker, Film Professor / Ph.D. of Film Studies, and Executive Director of Red Dirt International Film Festival, voted one of FilmFreeway’s Top 100 Film Festivals worldwide.

He is also the personal manager of Billy and Anais Yeager and Surf Jazz Records.

Gary Brice (IMDB) is assistant director, cinematographer and camera operator for Billy Yeager v. NPR.

Gary is an actor, director and cinema photographer. His latest projects include working as a cameraman and co-director on the film documentary about the making of the film classic 1980 film The Natural. The Natural The Best There Ever Was features interviews with the cast and crew that starred Robert Redford, Barbara Hershey, Wilford Brimley, director Barry Levinson and musician composer Randy Newman.

Gary Brice

Gary has just completed filming the documentary film called Bad IQ which features a stellar cast that includes interviews with William Fichtner, Edward Asner, Aidan Quinn, Louis Gossett Jr. Penny Marshall. The documentary is the story of “An in-depth look at Autism disorders and the social impact it leaves throughout the public.”

Gary has also worked with Billy Yeager in the past filming and editing Jimmy’s Story 1999-2001, The Florida Highwaymen 2002, and A Perfect Song 2003.






Guy Lozier (IMDB) is cameraman & cinematographer for Billy Yeager v. NPR.

Guy Lozier




Guy is a producer, director, and editor who has produced and executive produced films such as The Eternal: Guardian of Light, Listen, The Parental Perspective and XU Ordination.

He is also an author of many books and is a Winner of multiple S.A.B.F. Gold Literary Achievement awards in both Fantasy and Non-Fiction. Guy has also scripted, produced, directed and edited many music videos and specializes in animation and special affects.



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